Med fokus på design
Livet, akkurat som hjemmet ditt, er et blankt lerret for kunsten å leve vakkert. Det kan forvandles til akkurat hva du ønsker deg, hvis du er modig nok til å sette fantasien fri.
Følg og del

GOVERNATOdesign offers tailor-made services in order to meet our customers’ needs and requirements. Our services cover the entire scope of the design process – from start to finish. With our help, you can practically move right into your dream home or office space. We assist with everything from furnishing and purchasing to room planning, decoration and installation. We also offer consultancy for new constructions or renovations. Our vision and expertise can help you to see new possibilities!



GOVERNATOdesign uses a linear process that takes the customer seamlessly through the project. By including the customer in every step, we are confident that the project is delivered according to expectations. We encourage suggestions and questions – the perfect room is created together.

Setting a budget is the first step of the process, preferably per room. Based on your budget, your wishes and the desired functionality, we then create a mood board or 3D drawing. This presents visual examples of materials, colours, furniture, fabrics and accessories that complement the room. When desired result is achieved, we provide assistance with purchasing. GOVERNATOdesign have direct relationships with many suppliers and can therefore supply accessories and furniture at advantageous prices. We organise assembly and assist in the completion of the project to ensure a satisfactory result.

Our expertise can also be used as a part of the process – it is up to you. Contact us so we can find a solution that suits your needs.


Personal shopping and purchasing is one of our specialties. After many years in the business we have built good relationships with suppliers, furniture stores and exclusive brands in Norway. We also assist with importing goods from abroad. By utilising this service, we guide you through the buying process and ensures that you get the items that you want at the right price. We also have contact with furniture makers, and we are always delighted to help you design your own items.


”Nothing haunts us like the things we didn’t buy.”

Governato Design, Moodboard